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The Sovereign Patient Lift Monitoring and Tracking System incorporates our standard ATS3-B Transmitter Tag with our unique sensor modules. The combination of these devices provide a totally remote monitoring and tracking platform that can be use with virtually any type of hospital gantry, portable hydraulic or electric patient lift systems or air assisted lateral lift and transport devices.

The Sovereign Patient Lift Monitoring and Tracking System provides an easy way to help improve safety for both patients and nursing staff while performing their duties in patient movement activities.

The Patient Lift Monitoring and Tracking System is a self contained unit designed for universal installation for virtually all types of patient lift modules. Once attached to the lift module or transfer device there are no additional adjustments required. When a parent is placed in the lift harness or on a lateral transfer device, the Sovereign system will keep track of when the lift is in operation and where the patient is being moved.

The Sovereign Patient Lift Monitoring and Tracking system is a wireless system using the PalTrack system platform.

Patient Lift Monitoring and Tracking System information is displayed graphically using the Sovereign PalTrack software system. Notification is displayed which includes time/date and location of any type of lifting operation as well as a graphical layout of the hospital facility of where this is being performed. All of the data is stored in a database and can be easily accessed from other hospital software systems if so required. The database contains the history of all lift activities that have been performed. The PalTrack software can perform utilization on any lift and provide a report of utilization history.

The Sovereign system can also detect (if required) what Nurse is attending what patient and the usage of the associated lift.

The ATS3-B Transmitters module of the Patient Lift Monitoring and Tracking system is the smallest multi function transmitter providing auxiliary asset status detection in the industry. The transmitter can be offered in two frequencies 418 MHz or 433.92 MHz. Its RF output is less than a 100 w. The transmitter provides the user with low interference thresholds, full performance capabilities for 5,400,000 transmits (approximately 2 to 4 years depending on transmit rate). The PalTrack system is FCC approved and CSA, CE, C-Tick compliant. The Sovereign Patient Lift and Monitoring system is protected under patent 6,700,493.
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PATIENT Lift Monitoring and Tracking System
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