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Wireless Wheelchair Pressure Pad (STS-WPP-307)
Patent 6700493
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The Sovereign Wheelchair Pressure PAD is a unique design incorporating features that are vital for asset tracking and assessment. The Sovereign ATS3-B wireless Real-Time-Location-System (RTLS) transmitter tag is incorporated into the Pressure PAD, and, along with the PalTrack system software, the Pressure PAD can detect if a wheelchair is occupied or not. A unique feature of the Pressure PAD is its ability to differentiate between the weight of a person and the weight of random items, such as boxes or books, being placed in the chair. The Pressure PAD contains circuitry to eliminate bounce caused by a person shifting in the chair. This circuitry also eliminates momentary (false) activation of the PAD.

When the wheelchair Pressure PAD is installed it can detect the availability of a wheelchair based upon the activation of the Pressure PAD. Once activated the Pressure PAD transmits to the PalTrack RTLS system both the location of the wheelchair and if it is occupied or not. This information is displayed on the PalTrack computer screen and provides a quick assessment of the status of the wheelchair.

The attachment of the Pressure PAD to the wheelchair is very easy. The PAD contains two restraining straps (front to back and side-to-side) that are adjustable and fastened together. The side of the PAD contains bolsters for extra padding and also houses the electronics and ATS3-B RTLS transmitting tag. PAD installation takes only about 30 seconds.
• Constructed from heavy gauge black vinyl water proof material
• Can withstand hospital chemical cleaning for wipe down sterilization
• Completely incased ATS3-B transmitter tag and electronics
• Works with Sovereign PalTrack system software
• Easy attachment with no calibration required
• Designed to eliminate momentary (false) activations
•Provides material management with up-to-date equipment utilization analysis including reports that are time stamped.
• The Wireless Pressure PAD can also be use the Sovereign Single Access Monitor (SAM)
Note: The Sovereign wireless sensor systems are integrated into wheelchairs, beds, stretchers, and other mobile devices.
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