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The ATS3-B Transmitter contains all of the enhancements in the ATS3-A with the addition of a single data input port. This status input port feature in conjunction with a Sovereign custom interface module can provide status detection of any tagged item. Custom interface modules can be designed to meet customer specifications by Sovereign or if preferred the customer can develop their own interface providing it meets the Sovereign protocol format. Having the flexibility to monitor items, while at the same time providing its location information, adds a vital tool to your application. Some application examples of the ATS3-B are: detecting when an asset is on or off, asset error detection, asset preventative maintenance alert, over/under temperature status, humidity alert, etc. The application examples presented are only a fraction of the possibilities. The ATS3-B Transmitters are the smallest multi function transmitters providing auxiliary asset status detection in the industry. The ATS3-B measures 65 mm x 30 mm x 9.3 mm. The transmitter can be offered in two frequencies 418 MHz or 433.92 MHz. Its RF output is less than a 100 w. The transmitter provides the user with low interference thresholds, full performance capabilities for 5,400,000 transmits (approximately 2 to 4 years depending on transmit rate). Each transmitter is equipped with a removal alert status and when affixed to an item will signal an alert for any unauthorized removal. The PalTrack ATS3-B transmitter is FCC approved and CSA, CE, C-Tick compliant. The ATS3-B is protected under patent 6,700,493.
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ATS3-B Transmitter Tag
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