Tag ATS3-B Interface Module
To ensure the safety and continued effectiveness of medical equipment, utilization, and time in operation. Medical equipment must be monitored both at bed side as well as being mobile within a hospital environment. Due to the rising cost of medical equipment, in leasing, rental or capital purchases, a program must be implemented to detect in Real-Time the status of this equipment. These programs are increasingly being reviewed by the hospitalís CEO, CFO, COO and Materials Management team in order to reduce overall equipment cost due to unnecessary purchases and to increase efficiency through effective equipment utilization.

The most common approach to monitoring the status of medical equipment is to schedule personnel to perform regular equipment status checks very frequently. While this approach is somewhat easy to set up and initial cost is minimal, it can be very expensive to maintain (high labor costs) and is frequently unreliable.

The Sovereign Tracking Systems L.L.C. Hospital Equipment Wireless Interface Module (HEWIM) provides a process to automatically respond to this task immediately. This interface module can be adapted to a host of different type of medical equipment providing equipment status to the Sovereign PalTrack system. The HEWIN interfaces to the PalTrack ATS3-B transmitter tag allowing both the positional and tracking data and equipment status to be wireless transmitted to the Sovereign Real-Time Asset Management System. Whether you are monitoring just one, or several thousand medical equipment units, Sovereignís PalTrack Real-Time Asset Management System data loggers take up-to-the-minute status readings, and alert you to the first signs of any change in equipment status. You choose how you want to be notified. Sovereignís software allows you to set-up alarm delays customized to your specific situation. The HEWIN module also can be configured to provides alert notification if AC power is interrupted from the medical equipment. The monitoring of AC power on medical equipment adds an extra level of product integrity; this is an enhanced feature only provided by Sovereign.
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