PalTrack Server / Client Software
The PalTrack System is a patented system that provides the hardware and software to track and manage facility equipment and/or personnel, as well as providing instant graphical and printed reports. Asset Tracking Management allows the facility to rapidly produce a wide range of reports including: inventory, movement history, non-movement history, lease / rental, equipment calibration, service reports and equipment and/or personnel utilization.

The PalTrack System is a user-friendly environment that allows access to various functions of the system through a password-protected process. This prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing vital and secured information.

The graphical display of the PalTrack System allows users to quickly locate equipment and/or personnel, categories of equipment, or individual pieces of equipment through a software drop-down menu process. Also incorporated in the PalTrack ATS3-A and ATS3-B transmitter tags is our Patented Removal Alert Feature. This feature will notify the system user immediately if a transmitter tag is removed from an asset without authorization. In such case, the computer display screen will zoom into the area where the tag has been removed and sound an alarm on the computer station (i.e. all computer stations in the hospital facility that are outfitted with the PalTrack client software will be alerted). Refer to detailed specifications on the ATS3-A and AT3-B transmitter tags under the Product tag.

All transmitter tags are reusable and can be assigned and reassigned to any piece of equipment or personnel as required. The cataloging of tagged equipment is accomplished through the PalTrack Software Management System. Details on the use of this process are presented during system training.

The PalTrack Software Database has been designed using ODBC/SQL architecture allowing the export of database information to other facility applications. For details regarding database infrastructures please contact Sovereign Tracking Systems LLC. All system and maintenance operations of the PalTrack system are provided during the onsite training session conducted at your facility.
PalTrack Asset Tracking and Management System Overview

PalTrack is Sovereign’s hospital equipment management solution. It locates and maps valuable life saving medical apparatus.

• Instant Real-time Display Of Equipment Location
• In-use/Available Indication
• Alerts At Exits And Loading Docks
Key Benefits
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