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Sovereign Technologies Corporation strives to design, develop, implement, and maintain, State-Of-The-Art Real-Time Asset Management and Asset Awareness Solutions that solve customer business requirements and security issues

Sovereign Technology Corporation (STC) has been leading the field in the area of asset management tracking, global awareness and security for assets and personnel since granted a patent in 1995. We have served a vast array of multiple industries and applications which include health care, marine, commercial and military solutions around the globe. Developing, manufacturing, and maintaining the latest technologies in Radio Frequency Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) STC strives to solve customer business requirements and security issues. STC devices have secured, tracked, monitored and reported in environments ranging from aviation, entertainment to industrial nuclear waste. We can provide indoor and outdoor systems based on wired or wireless, AC, DC or solar powered driven. Our reporting system uses an open architecture for customer or STC customizations. Across the board our clients have achieved cost reductions and improved services while meeting security and compliance goals. With STC products your ROI will be realized with complete customer satisfaction, training and support.


Our corporate goal is a simple one: Provide the best in technology, people and services that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

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